Our Mission

At Arun Tech Support, Our main goal is to make your life easier. The services we provide are all customisable for home or business support.
For businesses, we take the time to understand your business and its needs so that we can build the IT solution that will deliver the outcome your business desires. The mindset of a ‘one size fits all’ approach is now outdated. We focus specifically on delivering a tailored, scalable and bespoke IT support by alllowing you to customise your package and only pay for the services you need. Please visit the Business Support page for more information.
We don't just want to be here for businesses, but also for anyone who needs us. We often hear the sayings “I’m scared to do anything with it!” and “I feel embarrassed that I don’t know how”. This is across the board whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computer/Mac. This shouldn’t be the case, after all, technology is here to enhance our lives. This is something you are passionate about, helping others to enjoy technology like we do. The services we offer range from one-to-one tuition to PC repais and are all mobile services where we come to you. Please view the services page to learn more about what we offer for home support.
Technology is becoming more and more important in every day life, be that in communication, learning, business, shopping.. the list is endless.
At Arun Tech Support we are here to help YOU.

Jake Boase - Company Director

What made me start Arun Tech Support?

I get asked the question a lot, and the asnwer is always the same, I love technology and communicating with people.

All the way from school to university and everything else along the way, I have loved every second of learning what I know now.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with a period of severe anxiety which halted the progression of setting the business up. But if it wasn't for that happening, I don't believe I would be running such a great company with clients who make everything worthwhile.

One thing I value most is the customer service the company provides. To me, this is the most important part of any company.

If you are in need of business/home support I look forward to helping you and/or your business.

Jake Boase

Favourite takeaway: Indian

Football team: The best team in the world.. Liverpool!

Pets: I have a lovely shih tzu cross poodle (lovely most of the time anyway!).

Superhero: Spriderman

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