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These are just some of the home IT services we provide at Arun Tech Support. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All of our home services are home visits! All you have to do is arrange a day/time and that is it, leave the rest to us. We want to make things as convenient as possible for you, so if it would be easier to meet over a coffee to discuss your IT problems then that is fine with us! Your drink will even be on us.

We are passionate about helping in more ways than one, which is why we offer home IT support.

One To One Tuition / Expert Advice

Need help understanding the basics?

  • Text messages/phone calls
  • Using emails
  • Skype/WhatsApp/Messenger
  • Social media
  • Setting up a new device (phone, tablet, PC, wifi)
  • Shop safely online
  • General phone/pc/tablet uses
  • Mobile payments/contactless
  • Software tutorials (iOS, Windows, Android)

Plus much more! All of this in a non pressured environment in the comfort of your own home.

One to one tuition - from £25

Virus Protection/Removal

Virus protection is vital on every device.

  • We supply antivirus
  • Run checks on your device
  • Virus removal
  • Malware removal
  • Upgrade your existing antivirus
  • Help prevent identity theft

Antivirus is incredibly important, not just on a PC/laptop but also phones and tablets. To keep you safe from any personal details being hacked (bank details, passwords etc), and the general use of the device.

Virus protection - from £30

PC Health Check

Improves the performance of the PC/laptop and protects your privacy.

  • Get a thorough clean inside and out
  • Checks for any faulty components
  • Includes virus checks
  • Helps pick up faults early on
  • Keeps the device running smoothly
  • Will clean your PC of unnecessary data such as cookies which can put your privacy at risk.

A health check will simply make your device last longer. Which will prevent you having to pay out on a new device. Essentially, this could save you money!

PC Health check - from £45

Advert Design

Plenty of people don’t realise how important advertising is to improve your client base, as well as getting your business name out there. What are the benefits of getting an advert created for you from us?

  • Don’t pay until completion.
  • Designed to the correct size for the publication you're looking to publish in.
  • We’ve designed many other adverts for the local area so we know what gets seen.
  • Improve brand recognition.
  • Previous/current clients have all had positive feedback from publications.
  • They have seen their client base grow.
  • Improve brand recognition.
  • Cost affective compared to other ways of marketing.

Advertising in local magazines/newspapers is beneficial as they have a shelf life. People tend to keep and re-read these until the next issue is out. Which gives you more value for money. Social media advertising can boost your presence on social media. You choose your target audience, area, length and much more, all for a very reasonable price.

Advert design - from £40

Parental Controls

Are you the parent of a teenager or a younger child who uses the internet? If you are, is your computer and the internet protected with parental controls? If not, this is something that you will want to do.

  • Safeguard children
  • Prevent online bullying
  • Prevent accidental purchasing
  • Website blocking
  • Internet scheduling
  • Track messaging

Although many children are able to use the internet without running into any problems, like online harassment or communicating with an online predator, are you really willing to take the chance? If not, you should use parental controls.

Parental controls - from £30

PC/Laptop Repairs

Repairing or upgrading your current PC or laptop can be much more cost effecteive over buying a new device. We hear of so many situations where people spend £300+ on a new device and chuck their old device away as it won't turn on, when all it needed was a new PSU (power supply unit) which would of cost around the £100 mark.

So why should you repair your current PC/Laptop and not purchase a new one?

  • Will end up costing less
  • No need to worry about loss of data
  • Won't need to pay more to retrieve the lost data.
  • Stay using the machine you are used to using.
  • Wont need to stress over purshasing a new one

There are many reasons why getting your PC/Laptop diagnosed and fixed is a better option then going out to buy a new one, above are only a few of these benefits. If you think your PC/Laptop needs looking at the feel free to contact us for a free. no obligation quote.

Computer repairs - Price varies

Other Services We Provide

Cloud storage

Phone data transfer

Web design

Windows software upgrade

Software installations

Logo design

Social media start up

Smart watches

Data backup

Please contact us for a complimentary, no obligation quote.

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