Below are a few words about us from some of our wonderful clients! your feedback is important for us going forward.

Margaret & Simon Bailey, Chichester

Arun Tech Support redesigned our website from top to toe, simplifying and clarifying the brand message and building in the tech wizardry to make it more visible in searches. We are really grateful for his advice, and has even got this blogging newbie to feel comfortable communicating in this way. He is always approachable, patient and capable. Thank you so much!

Mike & Lilly, Chichester

Thank you so much guys! We were having so many problems regarding our previous website provider that we had to find someone new. I am so happy we found you, the help you have given us in designing a new website and maintaining it for us has taken our stress levels down massively! The site is exaclty what we were after and the communication is always perfect. I can't recommend highly enough! Thanks again.

Samara, Arundel

I was recently having problems with my Internet connection at home and thought I could handle fixing it myself... turns out that I wasn’t as ‘tech savvy’ as I thought! However, having seen this business advertised (and seeing jake) around the Arundel area I thought there’d be no harm in asking. I am so glad I did! Jake was very professional and efficient with helping me in a timely manner, so I was up and running again in next to no time! Unlike previous help I’ve seeked out in the past, Jake took the time to explain what the issue was and how he was going to help me fix it. His language was kept simple and understandable. More importantly, he covered most of the ‘technical jargon’ that I didn’t understand, which was fantastic because before he helped me I had no idea what half of it meant! This kind of assistance put me at ease because I felt like I was being taught something by Jake, rather than spoken down to by other companies, which I have experienced in the past. My internet problems were efficiently repaired and should anything else occur I know who I’m going to first! Thank you so much again for all your help!! Fantastic business who goes that extra mile every time!

Jenny, Ferring.

I recently had a problem with my PC in which I thought I was going to have to spend out an extreme amount of money for a new one! I called Jake in hope he could shed some light on the matter.. he came to me the same day, collected the PC and dropped it back to me 2 days later. Jake managed to fix the PC for a very good fee! I will definitely be calling him back for any other troubles relating to technology. Not only was the service excellent but Jake was also very patient and understanding.

Richard & Suzy, Pagham.

My wife and I were getting ourselves into a bit of a pickle setting up social media for our business. We found Arun Tech Support after hearing about the company from our close friends. We were so happy we contacted Jake as he undertstood what we wanted to achieve and he expressed how he could help us without making us feel embarrassed! We now have very professional social media sites which we are so pleased off

Stuart, Chichester.

My friend recommended me to Jake due to running my own business in Chichester and needing some help with advertisement. I called Jake up and he was so helpful, we met over a coffee and discussed what I am looking for from advertisement, where to advertise and what to include. A few days later Jake sent back his design which I have to say was brilliant, Even the publications commented on the design! I have and will keep on using Jake going forward, he takes time to understand and really is passionate about what he does. Thanks again!!

Mandie Williams, Arundel.

Jake helped me with my new iPhone, security, syncing them with my iPad and getting the best from all of them. I then thought his skills could help my parents learn too and they are improving by the week. These days being IT savvy is both necessary and rewarding ! I recommend Jake to help you get the best from your IT and keep improving.

Jacki & Barry, Warningcamp.

My husband and I contacted Jake from Arun Tech Support, due to purchasing an iPad Pro. We had no idea where to start. He was so helpful, came to our house and gave us a step by step guide which because we needed it, was idiot proof! as well as running us through the procedure. I have also called him for on the spot help, He was so helpful. He also has helped us with our phones as we had no idea of what our phones could do. Very reasonable rates and I would not hesitate to call them any time if we get stuck with anything. Not once did we feel to be made embarrsed about not knowing anything regarding technology, Jake had a way of helping us which included having a laugh also. Brilliant Company. Thank you.

Michele, Arundel.

I called Arun Tech Support after a friend telling me about them, and how helpful they were. I needed help with choosing a new phone and I didn't have a clue where to start! The phone plan that they supply is a brilliant idea, I answered the questions that they provided and after a few days they came back with a phone contract right for me. All I had to do was going into the phone shop and hand them the information Jake gave me! I didnt have any stress regarding it all and the phone/contract is perfect for me!!! thank you again! :)

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